Universe I,

After World War I, the Baltic states Latvia, Lithuania and Borussia became formally independent. The first and second separated from Russia, the last from Germany. German (Deutsch) in English is Dutch. Germany (Deutschland) is 'Dutchia.'

Universe II,

The Netherlands belonged to the ax-power, and were in fact the west front of Germany, so there could not be signed the Molotov-Ribbentroppact, because the pact was made in order to help Hitler to attack the west without being attacked by Stalin in the back. But Hitler did not have a west-front. For that reason Stalin interfered quickly in Germany so that he could pull up to the west and come to the Netherlands. When the Netherlands capitulated, they were divided into three allied zones, a Soviet one, a British and a French one, witch came togeher in the Dutch capital Baarle. There is not much left of Baarle because it was bombed by the RAF in the same manner as Dresden. In 1945 East Prussia was divided among Poland and Lithuania. German (Deutsch) in English is German.

Universe III,

As it is today: the border under II has remained the same , only the names are different, and the history. Baarle is not a big city but a small town.

Universe IV,

1970, The Warsaw Pact attacks Western Europe up to the river Rhine, that means a larger part of the Netherlands. As a result a great part of the Netherlands, lying below sealevel , was covered with water. For that reason the Soviet Union gave the Kaliningrad region as a compensation to the Netherlands, but under Soviet administration. It is now a soviet republic wich I call 'the Netherbaltic Socialist Soviet Republic.' See strip Next Life.

Universe V,

The situation number I is back..

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